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Water Body Rejuvenation

Nanobubbles of oxygen and ozone have some distinctive properties that make it ideal for restoration of water bodies. Some of them are as follows:
  • Compared to large bubbles, nanobubbles dissolve more oxygen into water as they stay in water for a much longer duration.
  • They help remove pollutants and purify water.
  • They promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in water. These bacteria promote breaking down of pollutants similar to sludge etc.
  • Drastically reduce algae bloom and help sunlight reach to the bottom.
  • Removes all odour.
  • Improves the clarity of water and removes color.
Our nanobubble technology has been used successfully to rejuvenate a variety of water bodies, including ponds, lakes etc. which showed increased biodiversity, less algal blooms, increased water quality.


Irrigation water, when treated with nanobubbles, increase the dissolved oxygen level of the water by 550%.
Nanobubbles helps the plants transport nutrients better and helps the plants and crops speed up their growth, higher yields, less diseases and higher quality produce.

The following are benefits of using nanobubbles water for irrigation:
  • 99.5% decrease of total bacterial count
  • Reduced root infections by fungi
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) decreased by 95%
Improved production efficiency:
  • Number of fruits per plant increased by 93.5 %
  • 60% gain in total production weight.
Improved product quality:
  • Straighter shape and softer skin of fruits – results in higher quality class for the market
  • 100% less chemical for water treatment/disinfection.


Drinking water and feed for animals and livestock, when infused with nanobubbles enhance and create a number of properties that make it more beneficial for consumption. • Increased oxygen levels. This helps improve the overall health of animals and livestock, reduce stress, and improve growth rates.
  • Reduced bacteria and other microorganisms: Nanobubbles kill bacteria and other microorganisms in water. This prevents the spread of diseases and also improves the overall quality of the water.
  • Improved nutrient uptake: Nanobubbles enable animals and livestock to absorb more nutrients from water effectively.
Following are the results of our nanobubble treatments for animals and livestock:

Improved animal health/wellbeing:
  • Removal of 100% pathogens from drinking water.
  • Mortality reduced by 58%.
  • 94% Reduction of culled animals.
  • Reduced infections with Clostridium and e-coli.
Improved production efficiency:
  • 4% reduced water consumption.
  • 4.5% reduced feed consumption.
  • Total production weight gain: >5%.
  • Improved food conversion ratio (FCR) >4%.
  • Reduced time for house disinfection by 50%.
Improved product quality:
  • Increase of Omega 3 in meat by 104%.
  • 40% less antibiotics.
  • 100% less chemical for water treatment/disinfection.


Aquatic creatures get all their nutrients and essential survival elements from water itself. How good or bad the yield of fisheries are is directly dependent to the quality of water used for breeding and growing the fishes.

Treating aquaculture water with nanobubbles leads to increased oxidation, nutrient delivery, water quality management. This enables the end produce to be:
  • Richer and more nutritional yield.
  • Higher yield. Nanobubbles increases the average weight per piece.
  • Faster Growth Cycle.
  • Lesser diseases and drastically low mortality rate.
  • Reduced stress and improved well-being.
  • Drastically reduces the impacts of epidemic.
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